Platform: place for editorial, experimental and scientific meetings.

HipoTesis is a publishing platform created in 2009 by Francisco G. Triviño, Fernando Nieto and Katerina Psegiannaki that works as an independent entity, so that it is not affiliated or economically linked to any public or private institution.

HipoTesis has two issues of online published magazines. The Alphabetical Issue is an experimental magazine and the Numbered Issue fulfills all formalities required for its scientific indexing.

The aim of HipoTesis is to create a network that links and intermediates in the creation of the necessary conditions for fructiferous dialogue to happen. Other objectives include the channelling of intellectual purposes, the will to structure thoughts and the desire to encourage the development of doctoral theses.

This context is designed to embrace the exchange of personal thoughts in the form of experiences, readings and reflections. This space shall enable and facilitate communication, situating it under a creative and productive regime.

“…the difficulty about logos… derives from the need of having to associate a subject to a predicate which in no manner originates analytically from its concept, the need of having to express more than what experience, memory or our habits allow us to say... and what compels us to reach beyond “ourselves”, beyond the subject in search of the predicate, beyond our personal experience or our cumulative memory is whatever we face...” (José Luis Pardo, La regla del juego. Sobre la dificultad de aprender filosofía, p. 425).

Subscription and information

If you’re interested on receiving updates about HipoTesis platform send an email with the text subscription to:

HipoTesis’ update bulletins are sent periodically with the sole purpose of informing subscribed members about relevant changes and news. The subscription’s database is not shared with any other entities or used for other purposes.

Legal notice

The Numbered Issues of HipoTesis Magazine are published under the Cultural Association HipoTesis, registered in the Register of Associations of the Community of Madrid, First Section, number 32444.

Additional information

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This being a forum, newcomers are encouraged to participate individually, in greater numbers or as special invitees. Heterogeneity of participants should always enrich and enlighten results.

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As an ensemble we should look out for others. Reflecting personally upon themes from different angles (falsely, wrongly, successfully, scientifically or comments will act as reference, support or description of the different hypotheses but not as main characters towards the hypo-thesis.

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Hypo.-or (before a vowel) hyp-combining form, signifying 1 under. 2 inadequate. 3 detective. etymology: Greek, meaning "under". (Chambers Dictionary)
Hypo-. (L., etc., hypo-, (Gr., prep., under (in all senses), with derv. meanings through, by after, etc.; as a prefix, under, sometimes diminutive in force; L. sub, under: see sub-) A prefix of Greek origin, cognate with sub-of Latin origin, and meaning primarily "under", either in place or in degree ("less", "less than"). (Century Dictionary).
Hypo. plyral hypos ( countable) informal MH a hypodermic (Longman English Dictionary).
Hypo-technical-less than usual, especially too little. (Longman English Dictionary)
Hypo- prefix 1: under: beneath: down(hypoblast)(hypodermic)2: less than normal or normally (hypesthesia) (hypotension) 3: in a lower state of oxidation: in a low and usually the lowest position in a series of compounds (hypochlorous acid) (hypoxanthine)Merriam Webster Dictionary)