Numbered Issues:


    Hipo-Tesis Numbered Issues are the extended version of the Alphabetical Issues based on lengthier, more elaborate and in-depth scientific texts. Reciprocity takes place under longer periods of reflection. This transfer onto paper reaffirms its will to remain as well as reasserting and encouraging the endurance of the dialogue generated in both spaces.

    Participation process for the Numbered Issues

    For an article to partake in a current or future issue of the Numbered Issues of HipoTesis, its author must fill in the specified template, that can be found here as well as in the “participation template” section. The file requests some personal data, a brief CV, the article itself and a brief statement by its author certifying the originality of the piece (stating it has not been published in other media or is under review by other publications). Lastly, the Editorial Board will verify the fulfillment of publishing regulations and will confirm the inclusion of the article for its evaluation with its author. Participation in HipoTesis Numbered Issues does not imply any cost for authors.


    The magazine’s Editorial Board will advise on the relevance of the theme that each article proposes and the Board of Directors will ultimately decide whether or not the piece is included in the pre-selection of articles.
    Pre-selected articles will be examined by two anonymous reviewers, both external to the Editorial Board of HipoTesis magazine. Based on this evaluation, the Board of Directors will inform the author about one of the following options:

    1-Acceptance of the article without any modifications.
    2-Acceptance of the article under the condition of making small changes suggested by the peer review.
    3-Suggestion by the peer review to modify major parts of the piece. After these are made the document is submitted once more for a new review process.
    4-Non-acceptance of the article accompanied by a brief explanation of the reason for this decision.


    In the event of accepting an article containing information protected by copyright laws (whether its text, drawings or images) HipoTesis magazine will not publish the article until permission by the author is granted or submitted.
    Once the layout process of the article is completed (respecting the author’s intellectual property) its author must sign a document granting permission for HipoTesis Platform to market and distribute the article both digitally and in printout versions. Authors keep copyright and publishing rights on their papers.

    Participation Template

    To download and complete the participation template click here.

    Submission of work

    The article together with all additional information required shall adjust correctly to the template provided and must be sent together with any graphic material used to