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    2011-06-05: HipoTesis at CreaFuturo, Cultural Center CAMON

    2011-05-23: HipoTesis registered at the Library of the Universidad de las Palmas
    2011-05-23: HipoTesis at Scribd library

    2011-05-23: HipoTesis at the Blog of "Composición Arquitectónica. U.G.R."

    2011-05-18: Platform HipoTesis at E.T.S.A.Málaga.

    2011-05-18: Platform HipoTesis at E.T.S.A.Granada.

    2011-05-16: New Hipo H!

    2011-05-10: Platform HipoTesis at "Master Universitario en Investigación en Arte y Creación. Facultad de Bellas Artes. Universidad Complutense de Madrid."

    2011-05-08: We have recently become part of scientific directory Dialnet

    2011-04-27:New visualization for the Alphabetical series

    2011-04-03: New website, new platform, new magazine.

    2011-03-20: Collecting texts for Hipo I before April 29 simultaneously to the editing of Hipo H.

    2011-03-19: Deadline for comments on selected esays: April 15

    2011-02-10: New Hipo G!

    2010-10-10: New Hipo F!

    2010-06-10: New Hipo E!

    2010-04-03: New Hipo D!

    2010-03-23: New Hipo C!

    2010-02-25: New Hipo B!

    2010-01-10: New Hipo A!


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