Numbered Issues:

    Publishing Rules

    The template sent must be presented in a single file with a “.doc” or an “.odt” extension, using an “Arial” font of size 11, double spaced and including 2’5 x 2’5 x 2’5 x 2’5 cm margins.

    As explained on the template to be sent, the document shall include:

    A> Title.

    B> Name(s) of the author(s). HipoTesis magazine accepts up to six authors per piece. The order of appearance will be defined by them and HipoTesis magazine will respect said order included in the document submitted.

    C> Executive summary of the article. Length between 150 and 170 words; we suggest the summary covers the following topics:

    o Scientific contribution of the text.
    o Theoretical framework or perspective assumed by the piece.
    o Method used.
    o Main conclusions and outcome, as well as relevance.
    o Future fields of research.

    D> Between three and seven keywords.

    E> The text must indicate the position of any graphic material attached and shall include captions for each image.

    F> Bibliography. References to books must adjust to "The Chicago Manual of Style"for the processing and interpretation of bibliographic references, both in citations of works and references of images.

    G> Tables must have a title; preceded by the letters “tb” and the number they correspond to. Ex: “tb1-Contents”.
    Images submitted together with the article shall have a resolution of at least 250 dpi and must be submitted separately from the text in “.jpg” format named in the following way: “img1”, “img2”, etc. All images need to be described within the text of the article; preceded by the letters “img” and the number they correspond to. Ex: “img1_Description of the image”. The maximum number of images attached will be 15, of which only a selection will be published. H> The total length of the document (including bibliography, references and captions) shall not excede 4500 words.