Alphabetical Issues:

Style guide

i_about [THEMATICS]
Texts must be unpublished.

ii_under [CHARACTER]
Specifically not imposed, keeping in mind constant proposal and incitement of dialogue.

iii_if [SELECTION]
The Board of Directors reserves the right to discard or reject pieces considered irrelevant or non-related to the characteristics, layout or editorial of the magazine.

iv_through [LAYOUT]
Length of texts must remain under 370 words. They may include one or various images. The arrangement is free within the limits of a DIN-A5 sheet portrait-orientated [see templates].

All quotes must be referred using footnotes, according to "The Chicago Manual of Style". [Umberto Eco´s book on Issuu]

All images will be referred to using footnotes complying with "The Chicago Manual of Style" rules.

vii_as far as [TIMESPAN]
The Board of Directors reserves the right to modify deadlines for the submission of essays and/or comments.

viii_between [SYNTHESIS]
3 keywords will be extracted from each piece.

ix_with [INTENSITY]
The intensity of texts and/or comments is directly proportional to their thought-evoking/reminiscent capacity.

x_towards [RECIPROCITY]
The basic purpose of essays should rely on reciprocity in terms of flow of knowledge.